John Eldridge / Founder

John strips, re-designs and builds the motorcycles outsourcing elements of the build more suited to specialists (bodywork fabrication, stainless exhaust systems, engine rebuilds, milling, cnc machining, paintwork etc). You’ll also find John shaping a variety of the mid-length surfboards, choosing to specialise in one area of shaping and refine his shaping skills. It doesn’t stop there. You’ll find John behind the helm of everything else (packing tee’s, shooting video, editing films, shooting photographs, building this website, sweeping the floor, making coffee) and all of this aside his successful roadside cafe, Strong Adolfos, which he operates with his wife Mathilda.


Rob Wright / guest shaper / Longboards

Uber talented craftsman and surfboard shaper and a very talented surfer himself, Rob knows exactly how a modern log needs to perform and has refined his own rocker and bottom contours to match the constantly evolving and progressing art form that is modern logging.

Adrian Phillips / guest shaper / various

Adrian and John have worked together on surfboards in one form or another for over 20 years. Who better to shape our various alternative surf craft, from single fin guns designed for travel and tube riding to modern twin fins designed for european waves.

bro diplock / guest shaper / sub 5’6″

Bro Diplock is and expert in the realm of short and wide. An uber talented kneeboarder and shaper Bro knows how boards are designed to work in the sub 5’6″ realm. Expect more from Bro soon.